Missed Out

Mum shopped in Tesco after she dropped me down to work today. Whitney wanted Mum to buy her some Dutch Lady milk (think she wants to grow taller :P) and Mum bought some veges. I grabbed 3 bars of Vochelle Chocolate (made in Malaysia. It's yummy!) and put them in Mum's shopping basket. I love chocolate with nuts. *nom*

Bought Rango: The Novel before I went back home. Yay! The movie is showing on 10 March! I think I can't finish the novel before the film's release date. Too much work!
The Popular bookstore branch is lousy. It doesn't have any books by Giddens. Only a few books of Astro Boy among Osamu Tezuka's artworks is found in the bookstore. *fainted* :(

I got home, only to find that I've forgotten to buy the hair conditioner! When Asians shop, they usually end up buying things they not really need instead of things they ran out of because they don't plan what to buy before going shopping. Right? LOL 
Sooooo, do you make a grocery/shopping list before you shop?
▲ Your list doesn't have to be awesome like this tho... 

Searching for info about digital & compact cameras. Leica cameras are beautiful.

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