Rango Is Cute

I got an awesome notification! A feedback from the awesome blogger, Daphne. Cool right :P
▲ Her pose is really great. :)

So I finally finished Rango the novel this morning. It made me giggle and feel good. I could imagine how is the movie like through the book. But I still wish to watch it on the big screen. 

I love Rango's character so much. He's interesting. Johnny Depp is really meant for Rango. Can't wait to watch the animated movie! I hope I can watch it in KL soon.
Don't you ever dare to say Rango is ugly. He is lovely! <3
▲ Rango & his toy (a wind-up fish).

Um.. I don't know what else to blog so I'm gonna share some songs here. Enjoy!

My Type Of Love - Babs ft. Caprice

▲ Do you know Caprice is from Malaysia? I love his Fantasy Girls!

Unorthodox - Wretch 32 ft. Example

▲ Wretch 32 sampled the beats from The Stone Roses - Fools Gold (1989)

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▲ So I look like Sydney more in this photo huh?

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