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I still feel like it was a dream! Yes, if you follow me on Twitter you probably will see I tweeted about I won a grand prize from says(dot)my.

I was watching TV when my cutie Yincai told me that I've won something, then I rushed to my computer and checked my mail. I got a mail from says.my, it's about the Day #7 winners. My jaw dropped when I saw my username on the list! First I thought I won the RM100 cash but nooooo, I won the grand prize of the day! It's a RM500 Uniqlo Shopping Voucher! Oh my!

So unbelievable! Never thought that I would be one of the winners so quickly as I only joined says.my community like a few days ago(7th April). Thanks to whoever clicked my links!

Says.my is celebrating their 3rd anniversary so they're giving out prizes daily (5th April 2011 - 4th May 2011). And the Birthday Giveaway winners will be announced at 6pm every day. Sounds interesting right? This thing is FUN! You gotta love this. There're only 22 days left! Sign up and share before the contest ends! Who knows if you're one of the lucky ones? ;)

If you're a Malaysian, follow the instructions below:
1. Click into says.my
2. Register as a new member, fill in your information (Note that some info can't be changed by yourself once you've submitted)
3. Choose the prizes which you would like to win
4. Start sharing the campaigns!

You'll have to choose 5 grand prizes and 5 consolation prizes. Here are my prizes wishlists.

You'll get RM0.20 per click for every sponsored campaigns. The more you share, the more the chances to win! You may want to read the Terms & Conditions of the contest before you get started. You may also refer to some tips to win. Always remember, never ask people to click on your link to 'help' you. That's not fair and you might be banned for being evil to get clicks!

All the best peeps! ;)

So I have no idea how do I get the voucher.. And Uniqlo is like so farrrrr away from my house & I may not be able to go shopping! Is selling it to any of my friends a good idea?

Ohhh, and I have another good news. I won a copy of Jessie J's CD from Fly FM on Twitter days ago! :)

The question from Fly 30 was:

And I managed to be one of the firsts to answer :)

DJ Jaydee called me at 9:30pm. I was so nervous that I stammered! *embarrassed* Anyway thank you Fly FM and Jaydee!

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