Have Fun Tweeting!

Nathan didn't notice my drawing of him after all. This is so sad. I would die happily if he retweeted it lol I wonder if he ever takes a glance at it. It costs a lot to mail it to them, in case it didn't reach the UK my money would be gone just like that, there's no point to take the risk.

"Facebook ≠ social network. Facebook = online market."
Just saw this on Twitter. This is so true.
I hate it when people tag me on some shits that I'm not interested in. Also, I hate some stupid apps that analyse lame things and tag you automatically.

Facebook is becoming a lot like Friendster. Dumb people everywhere, acting to get attention. What's the point of getting yourself a fan page and then begging around for likes since you're not that famous? If you're well-liked enough, you don't have to promote your page as if you're in some kind of competitions. Ask yourself, what personality do you have as the reason of creating a fan page? Your Photoshop-edited face??

Too much crap on Facebook, they make me sick. I've been tweeting ever since I got my baby Jumbo, stalking my favourite celebrities hehe. Trust me, you get the latest hot issues sooner on Twitter than on fb and that's why I prefer Twitter.
You choose the users you're interested in to follow and it's not necessary to follow back. The most interesting part is the trending tweets! Now TT in Malaysia is on the chart as well.

In conclusion, Twitter is way better than Facebook.

Ahhh I've been sick all week! Been eating too much junk food hahahha. I usually don't go to the doctor unless I get some serious illness. Hope I'll recover soon.

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