Nath Is 18th

18th April is Nathan's birthday so I decided to draw him a portrait. :)
In case you didn't read my previous post or never heard his name, he's a member of a British-Irish pop boy band The Wanted. He's the youngest of all but todayyy, he's turned into a man! He's been so excited that he's officially reached the legal drinking age (18 in UK) HAHA.

A photo of Nath I found on Google. So I tried my best to portray this picture.


I think I spent like about 2 hours to finish it. Nah, I didn't even complete it. Cause I don't know how to shade his clothing! I failed actually, it didn't really look like Nath. Tbh, the picture below has been edited, to make it looks a bit more like Nath.

I can't draw boys' hair, yet. So I just simply darkened it using Photoshop. Teehee

I've tweeted it to Nath & TW of course :) Ahhhhh I just hope that they will see it! 
#happy18nathan is STILL trending in UK! Go wish him now.

Eeeeee I want this pullover hoodie so muchhh! First I thought of getting the another white and pink one but white gets dirty easily so I guess I will buy myself the grey one. Somebody please tell me how much is £34.99 in Ringgit Malaysia? LOL

So many other things to buy, ughhhh, I need dollars! Where can I apply for a part time job??

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