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Sorry that I've been away from my blog for some time. I visited Equator Academy Of Art for more information last weekends in Penang.

After we got back here, Dad kept the modem somewhere because he thinks I should go get a new part-timr job but not stuck in the internet the rest of the months until I go for college. I actually can use my new baby Jumbo as a modem but the internet speed isn't that smooth via HTC Sync. So I went reading some books and also figuring out my new baby's HTC & Android features.

▲ Taken by Jumbo. x

My first April blog post is gonna be about the art school which I might go to.

We woke up late so goodbye to Pantai Remis Wantan Mee :(
So we had our favourite Hokkien Loh in Sitiawan (文 芳 茶 餐 室) and then headed to Gramma's house.

  ▲ Our journey was much better without my brother's presence.

▲ On the wayyyyy to Butterworth.

▲ I hate to see this!

When we're on our way, suddenly Dad suffered from stomachache. So we went to see a doctor and the visit to the school was delayed to the next day.

▲ After having Pork Kuey Teow Soup as lunch.

We had a nice evening in Gramma's house. YanYan has grown way taller and she doesn't make noise to get my phone in her own hand anymore.
▲ Uncle Jimmy's dogs. 

We stayed overnight at another Gramma's (maternal) that night.

So basically after we had our breakfast in the very next morning, we left for Penang Island.

▲ Our ferry is about to start.

▲ Reaching there!

We spent not much time finding the Leith Street Campus. The road signs aren't as confusing as those in KL.
▲ Some kind of well-known temple opposite the school.

There were only a few visitors in the campus, I assumed that's because it's Sunday(?). We walked around in the building and I found the artworks were simply amazing.

▲ Example of lelaki miang #justkidding

Don't know why, somehow I just love the decoration there.
▲ I didn't visit the first floor.

▲ Wow! A TV & a vending machine! Wait, was that a snooker table?

A guy in charge of reception came to us and told us how their academic system goes. In Equator, you'll have to go through one year of Foundation which has 3 semesters. You need to choose a Major and Minor for the third semester. However, you get to minor in that subject for only one semester which means, after the 3rd semester, you have to fully focus on your college major. 

Fortunately I passed my BM in SPM thus Bahasa Kebangsaan class is not needed. Before you graduate, you will do an internship program that brings you lots of advantages. 

Fine Art course content. 
▲ Now I need a camera for Photography class :/

I don't know this building actually used to belong to which organisation.
▲ Leith Street Campus.

Another campus at Amoy Lane was closed. We then had Penang cendol before lunch.

We also visited KDU Penang but it didn't really impress me except it sort of looks like a 4-star hotel. Too bad that TOA which located opposite KDU was closed too.

Then we looked for restaurant to have lunch and went to Queensbay Mall. Lil sis requested me to help her to buy a Danboard figure in Robot Master. Sadly, the staff told us they run out of stock! In case you've never heard Danbo before, this is how that lil thing looks like.
▲ So freakin' cute and dumb right! °△° 

You gotta love Yotsuba! Read Yotsuba&! online :) 

Oops, out of topic. I'm glad because Dad bought me this Momax iPro case and screen protector for me! Thanks! I'll take care of it well xxx

Apparently I've made my decision to study in EAA, since my parents and relatives were trying so hard to convince me that Penang is a better place compared to KL. Apart from that, myself also like the school very much. Its dormitory is not very far from the campus and most importantly, food can be found everywhere in Penang. Haha!

There's one of my seniors who told me that Dasein is better than Equator, while TOA is the best art school. That makes me wonder, then why is Equator tuition fee higher than Dasein? She told me you learn less in Equator. But in my opinion, the choice making of which to major and minor in is great and helpful. I also heard a lot of rumours (in a bad way...) about TOA. :/

Kindly give your comments about these art schools. Thanks. I hope I don't make a wrong choice! 

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