Hard to Say I Love You

Well.. I've just done a blog post. But my friend and I thought it was too sensitive to be posted publicly so I guess I'll just keep the problems for myself.

Anyway, here are some parts of the post.

I feel like I have lots of stuff to share, I don't know which to start with. Each time I'm offline, I keep thinking about what I need to do on the internet, but once I get online, I totally forget it. I'm pretty oblivious.

Alright, since tomorrow is Mother's Day, tell me what's your plan?

I didn't present Mam anything last year. Guess I was still rebellious. I have no idea what should I get for my mum this year. Apparently our relationship is not that good, but it is improving. 

At times I feel I've grown up. Now I realize the hardship of Mam going in and out, fetching her kids to schools & tuition centers under the hot sun every day. I do appreciate what she does for us. But sometimes I just can't feel her love. I don't know why? But I surely do love her. It's just that I would have had her love more if =censored= :P

Share your opinions. If you don't prepare anything for Mother's Day, do you at least wish her "Happy Mother's Day", or even say "I love you"? As for me, I can't do that yet. ):

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