Hurts in Asia

Yeahhhhh my 8 lessons are all done. My test is on May 24 so Mam wants me to take another two hours of extra lesson before the test. Oh snap.
Two hours lesson yesterday.

Another two hours lesson today.

Do I look like a pro? JAJAJA

Have you ever heard of Hurts? They are a British synthpop duo formed by two handsome lads, singer Theo Hutchcraft and synth player Adam Anderson.
I know right, they're so attractive.
I was amazed by their song Stay when I discovered it on YouTube. The second song of Hurts I know then was Sunday, that was before they came to Malaysia to perform in Mist Club, Bangsar. It was played frequently on FlyFM, the music is so special and Theo's voice is just so amazing that I stalked them on Facebook & Twittter all day and I couldn't stop listening to their songs that day.

Their songs lyrics touch my heart. Their music video are too artistic. I never saw them smile until I found the video of All I Want For Christmas Is New Year's Day & the photos of them winning the awards :) But they do have a sense of humour, watch their interview and you'll know :D

They look so 80's but still hot! Yes? There's something you don't know, there were Daggers/Bureau before Hurts. And they look like this.

Massive difference right! LOLOL.



They are true musicians. Go listen to their songs, you'll definitely love Hurts :)

Here's a video clip of Theo singing LIVE in Malaysia on May 6. Enjoy!

I hope they come back to Asia soon!

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