I feel like I have lots of stuff to share, I don't know which to start with. Each time I'm offline, I keep thinking about what I need to do on the internet, but once I get online, I totally forget it. I'm pretty oblivious.

Alright, since tomorrow is Mother's Day, tell me what's your plan?

I didn't present Mam anything last year. Guess I was still rebellious. Still remember I made her a card tho, it was for her 44th birthday, I completed it all by myself. I then required my brother to write something on it before handing it to Mam but he refused to do so & I was like damn you useless fat kid! *disappointed*

I have no idea what should I get for my mum this year. Sadly, our relationship is not that good, but apparently it is improving. I'm sad to say this, but, SHE IS eccentric. I'm not gonna lie, I fucking hate the fact that I have a brother. My brother is a top student, yet he has no manners. He litters and spits like an uneducated kid. He grumbles like he's the king of the world - he even cries like a 3-year-old for the things he wants - he is already eleven!

At times I feel I've grown up. Now I see the hardship of Mam going in and out, fetching her kids to schools & tuition centers under the hot sun every day. I do appreciate what she does for us. But when it comes to my brother, I just don't understand. Why would she defend him although it is his fault? Especially when he is the one who starts a quarrel, why are we the ones to blame instead?!

Sometimes I just can't feel her love. Some things she has done make me doubt her love. But no, I don't hate her. Why would I? Anyhow, she is my mother. It's just that I would have had her love more if I didn't have a brother. I just hope that someday my brother will get his lesson and realize how he has treated the family.

Share your opinions. If you don't prepare anything for Mother's Day, do you at least wish her "Happy Mother's Day", or even say "I love you"? As for me, I can't do that yet. ):

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