Internet Advertising in Asia

Did you notice the two newly inserted Nuffnang widgets below my blog post? Hehe. Just thought I'd need some extra income so I joined the Asia Pacific's first blog advertising community.

I'm not very sure how does this work. Umm basically, there're two types of paid ads, the first one is you collect money by gaining unique clicks on the normal ads, another type is you get chosen to advertise some certain campaigns.

I know many bloggers out there in the blogosphere have already signed up for Nuffnang like a donkey's year ago while I'm just a newbie LOL T___T Anyway, I'd love to meet new people through Nuffnang. I don't know how? But I see lots of you thank Nuffnang for widening your social circle. I reckon it helps somehow. Aye?

Some people say you have to be pretty famous to acquire cash by blog advertising. Well I don't know... I'm not known... It might be hard to get the first RM50. Ahhh whatever, I'm still looking forward to receiving the first paid cheque from Nuffnang jajaja :)

My beloved readers, kindly click on the ads at the bottom while visiting my blog. Okay? Thanks in advance!! xx

Do you serve ads on your blog? Not sure if you should make money by blogging? Read THIS. He's got the points. If you wish to gain some earnings through blogging, you should never let greed take over. Ok I myself have to remember this too.

While you're struggling whether to blog for money or not, you need to know that you can actually get rewards (including cash) through Twitter & Facebook as well! This way of getting money is much easier than waiting for people to come to your blog and click on ads.

All you need to do is sign up for That community rewards you for sharing campaigns directly on your own Twitter & Facebook account. You'll get RM0.20 per unique click for each sponsored campaign, while at least 5 contribution points (I think?) for each community campaign.

To be eligible, you literally have to be a Malaysian citizen :)

Are you on that awesome website yet?
1. Click on the blue button that reads "Sign in to"
2. Register as a new member, fill in your details (Note that some info can't be changed once submitted)
3. Go to the homepage, click into the campaigns & start sharing!

PLEASE read and obey the Do's & Don'ts in order to convey the message correctly to gain more clicks. Also, read this important post about evil users. And by that I mean I will report you if you're being untruthful, no matter who you are. PLAY IT NICE AND COOL.

The Sharkboy 3D glasses.
I got 4 pairs of Sharkboy & Lavagirl 3D glasses as my prizes for participating in a contest in children's publication when I was a kid.
Now time for some cool 3D YouTube videos!! I introduce you to the MysteryGuitarMan! Check out his YouTube channel and subscribe if you like him :) He almost has 2 millions subscribers!

Fyi, this is my channel, but I don't make videos ;)

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