She Dreams Big

Heyyy guys! Welcome to my new blog! Well, no, it's just a new blog link. 

Yessss, the name is sydsense.

Since I'm going to the art school I'd like to share my artworks or talk about art on my blog. I couldn't think of any username with Sydney & art in it, it'd sound really weird because I ain't that professional. Then I thought of the word "sense". It is very important to have a sense of art. My dream is rather big. If I could, I wanted to revive the fine art market.

I regret for not attending the art classes when I was a kid. I don't have much experience, I'm quite afraid that I'll be left behind even though I was told I have the talent.

Everyone's worrying about their future, so am I. I'm currently reading a book called Chicken Soup for the College Soul and it is really interesting and encouraging! There's a quote in one of the stories which I like very much, it says "If the dream is big enough, the facts don't count.". It teaches me to believe in myself, follow my passion and dream big!

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