What A Day

I'm so sorry, Daddy Mammi. You have to spend an extra RM80 on my driving test. 

A lot of things happened just in this morning. I woke up really early just to make sure I made it on time to the driving school. The serial number I got from the office was D4 06 and I was told that my test probably would end around 11AM as my number was in the first ten. 

While waiting for my turn, I got a glimpse of someone else's number and was surprised to find that she got the exact same number with me! Then I got the idea — us prospective drivers were actually allocated into several batches. There's a "Session 3" written on my registration card whereas a "Session 2" on that lady's. 

It was getting late, I waited and waited but it's never my turn! I started to doubt if I'd taken the wrong number? The office lady said my number was 6 and I should be going on road right now! At about 10:30AM, like finally, the JPJ officer called out Session 3. I handed in my identity card & L license, only to find it's confirmed that I had mistaken the registration card! 

I panicked. I rushed to the office, only then did I realize I was supposed to be in Session 1 instead of Session 3! I felt so helpless when the driving school's boss told me I might NOT be able to take the test in a very stern voice. He condemned me for being witless. Hello??! IT'S NOT MY FAULT! That plump office lady never told me which session I was in! 

I felt relieved that the JPJ officer didn't even mean to censure me. She just ordered me to go to the pavilion & wait for my name to be called.
It was about twelve in the afternoon, the Sun was like a blazing ball of fire. I was famished and having dried out throat, I blamed myself for my muddiness, I should have already been home before eleven! At this time, Mammi popped out of nowhere and I was glad she brought along FOOD!! YAYYYY!
Thanks Mama x
The bright sky gradually grew darker and it turned out that we had got wet in the rain due to the opened car windows (you have to stick your head out of the car in order to check whether the tires reach certain spaces). I had such a hard time dealing with that stupid car, I don't know why did its engine keep going dead. I think it went off for like 5 times and that really made me nervous — there's timeout limit! However, I passed my parking test.

So what came next was the road test. Thank goodness, Route A (the easiest route) was selected as the path for my road test. I was confident I would do well but I epically failed within 3 minutes. I feel like a complete dumbass coming back in a really short period. I did everything perfectly at first, my instructor was like trying to confuse me with the first five must-do steps but I didn't listen to him. It went all fine until I came to the entrance of my driving school.

It's a T-junction, you'll have to make a left turn. So I stopped the car, checked both ways, confirmed no vehicles coming then I made the left turn as fast as I could, before a vehicle showed up on the road. While I was about to proceed, I almost hit a van which abruptly emerged on the lane which I'm turning into. The instructor stepped on the break and he's like "Didn't you see it coming?! If I hadn't promptly stepped on the break you would have crashed into that van!" then he commanded me to switch our seats which bitterly meant I failed the test automatically. Well I seriously didn't notice that van. Had he cast a spell on me?! Nah just kidding.

Anyway, there's still a good news — I passed the parking part so I'm only gonna retake the road test. So I'm going back for the second try next Tuesday. Imma do it right the next time. 

*I actually met a girl at the driving school. She's two years older than me and I don't know her name tho we've chatted so much LOL.

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