Fed Up with Facebook

Does something go wrong with your Facebook profile?? Mine does. I can't see inbox messages. I can't view photos (when I click "previous" it remains on the same photo). I've read my notifications but the notification number just won't go off. I'm unable to share links (with a thumbnail). When I post a new status it doesn't appear on the timeline until I refresh the page. Is it just me?

Dammit this social networking site is really getting on my nerves! I'm fed up with Facebook people. Hypocrites everywhere, flattering people for their own good. They make me feel sick. What's the point having 5k people in your friend list but you don't even know 30% of them? What's the point adding your friend's friends (what's  worse is to add your friend's gf/bf) and act like you know them well?

Facebookers stalk their crush on Fb but I don't fancy anyone so far. All my friends are gone. They have their new college life & new college friends now. I also lost contact with my old PR friends just because they like texting whereas I don't text (in order to save money on my phone bill). I only reply important/urgent messages. If you have a smartphone with a PingChat! app, add me @sydsense (update: I have temporarily deleted my account) when you feel like chatting with me. Well you have to tweet me @sydsense to tell me who you are in the first place. Now I just feel like a loner, sitting at home stalking my celebrity crushes on Twitter. WJ says I'll get better friends in college and I'm looking forward to it.

Urghhh back to the subject, what should I do now? How to fix these problems on my Fb profile??

I think I'm done with Facebook. LOL maybe one day I'll get tired of tweeting as well. However, I promise I won't stop blogging! :)

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