Friday Night

Hi! Sorry for being away for so long. My monitor won't display anything when turned on. Just a little whole ago my Dad brought it to the computer shop and unexpectedly, he came back with a brand new Samsung monitor.
I'm still not used to this widescreen new monitor. Everything is elongated on it. Also, I have no clue how to adjust its brightness. The user guide says go download a software called MagicTune but I couldn't find it on My eyes are hurting now. I'm going to bed once I finish this post. 

It's June 25 12:15AM here but it is worth staying up late to update my blog because me & Dad are going to Penang tomorrow. I'm going over to register for college which starts in about a month.
That's why I'm here to share my 3rd piece of artwork for the college entrance requirements. Here is the 1st sketching and this is the 2nd drawing. I was planning to use color pencils in my 3rd drawing but I changed my mind and decided to try something new with fashion illustration. I'm pretty satisfied although it doesn't really look like fashion illustration except the model is in some good-looking outfits.

I was turning over this book my Dad bought for me years ago yesterday. I found it pretty interesting and I'm sure it helps in improving my drawings. I promise when I'm back from Penang I will start studying it! 

Thanks for the comments on my previous post and I'm sorry for not being able to visit your blog but I will try to when I'm back on Sunday. Have a lovely weekend, Earthlings!

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