Hello ladies and gentlemen! School holiday is over, haha! Bye sis, now I can watch movies and TV series on the computer. 
But then I need to finish my 2nd and 3rd drawings for the college entrance. Arghhhh!  
I decided to hand in 3 different things so my 2nd drawing is an illustration. Sorry if this eye freaks you out. Is it TOO BIG? 
I'm trying to create a mysterious creepy elegant lady. How does it sound? Well it does look a little too plain. I might add in some lace / pattern later on.
This is a birthday gift for someone from me. Does he look familiar? Guess who? 
It's KevJumba aka Kevin Wu the famous Asian American Youtuber! It's his 21st birthday today (It's still June 12 in Texas NOW)! In the newly uploaded video on his second channel JumbaFund, he says that instead of gifts, he wants us to donate $21 each to raise $5,000, in order to build the first ever secondary school in Kenya, where he visited not long ago. For more info, check out The Supply Education Group.

Isn't he (and also TSEG) amazing and inspiring? This donation thing just makes me fall in love with him more. HAHA. Those who are able to donate a $21, do it! It's all for a good cause! :)

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