I Survived Being Home Alone

My parents and my little brother made it home safely before dawn today from their vacation. It was a 5-day trip to Vietnam offered by Dad's company. Me and my younger sis did not follow because we knew if we were to tag along, we would not have that much fun.When we all get together in a trip, there'll be NO happiness. Remember my HK Disneyland trip? It was a total nightmare. 

They left for the airport the next day I returned from Penang with Mama. Dad wouldn't let us publish anything about they're leaving on the web for our safety.

Just thinking of being home alone made me feel insecure. I completely had no idea about our daily meal plan. Well, maybe my sis had. We were home alone for 5 days, while yesterday it was just me being home alone (sis has gone to the Buddhist camp). I was extremely afraid when the night fell. I was afraid of the dark. I was afraid someone might break into my house. I was afraid that I would die of starvation. It sure was a relief when the family drove back in the yard to be home at last.

It's up to you whether or not you want to finish this post about what did we have for our meals.

June 4 (Day 1)
That morning I had my breakfast with the family and they bought us chicken rice for lunch before they departed.
A muffin and a cup of Milo for dinner.

June 5 (Day 2)
Our breakfast was Gardenia toasts and a bun.  

Did a load of laundry while sis was using the internet. Thanks to my sis for going outside to buy lunch (It turned out we were too full to eat the steamed buns. We didn't know how to heat these buns. In the end they were tossed in the trash).
That night, each of us had two cups of instant noodles for dinner.

June 6 (Day 3)
It was the Dragon Boat Festival but we had no chance to take a bite of the rice dumpling.
Toasts for breakfast, again. I love Gardenia!
And we cycled to the restaurant nearby to fill our belly. It was terribly hot!
After lunch, sis was off to Buddhist association for a meeting. I finally decided to sit down and start working on a drawing
So my dinner was this utterly unpalatable Mamee instant ramen. It smells like plastic/wax! I waited for sis's return and we had Super instant ramen. Now that's called yummy.

June 7 (Day 4)
We went to the noodle stall nearby for breakfast... and I discovered another food place for delicious curry noodles! 
There's this little doggie with big ears waving his tail to get food. How adorable! 
It was my turn to go out to da bao lunch.
It took me two days to accomplish the Johnny Depp drawing
 Our simple dinner of the 4th night was... toasts and a cup of hot Milo.
We first applied butter on the white bread, then toast them, next, put on some kaya and peanut butter. 
I had some fun after taking a shower. Wicked!
Fake ink! >D 
Get what I wrote? TW = The Wanted
I realized I missed out a "S". As I was trying to add it on, the timer simply went zero and that's how this photo's taken. Me gusta! ;)
Do I look a tad grotesque with this expression? 
Then my stomach began to rumble. It was really late... however, we ended up sneaking into the kitchen for some supper.

June 8 (Day 5)
Hooray! We made it to the fifth day! But it wasn't a good start... I woke up with a really bad stomach ache. After sending my sis off (her friend came to pick her up to the Buddhist camp) at 9:20AM, I still kept rushing to the toilet frequently. 

I was exhausted. The time I genuinely got out of bed for breakfast was about 10. I munched on some biscuits. Then I spent some time surfing the internet and did my laundry. And it's finally lunch time (I couldn't wait til they came back). 
Can you tell you how the weather was?! I hate sunburn!
Lonely lunch...
My dinner was a hot dog bun which my sis bought the day before and a cup of instant ramen. I got more and more worried as the sky got darker and darker. I started to visualize a series of cranky scenarios. Thank goodness, all my mad imaginations didn't happen after all. 

This morning I suffered from menstrual cramps. I was crying in pain like a baby. Fortunately they're already back and Mam prepared breakfast/brunch and painkillers for me. I'm thankful for having the family again although I got scolded for not knowing how to swallow a pill!

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