The Other Side of Down

My decision has been made. I will be starting my fine art diploma course in Georgetown, Penang very soon (8 August). I hope I can get good grades so that my Dad will be convinced to let me continue pursuing a BFA overseas. I most likely will be staying in Burmahtel which located in Pulau Tikus. It takes about 20-25 minutes from my hostel to my college but students are offered transportation service to their college (RM50 per month).  

Here are some pictures taken when I was in North Malaysia last two days.

Day 1

Resting at R&R. Childhood snack ;)

A poster pasted on a wall in a kopitiam

Chicken rice for lunch

Coconut tarts!

Dad had a bowl of cendol after lunch while I had apom balik

In Gramma's (paternal). My aunt & uncle clearing up the drawers. They found a lot of old photos :')

Going for dinner with relatives...

This restaurant has two shops and both were packed!

There were 9 of us. I felt like I was having reunion dinner.

Day 2 

Momma's momma :)

Hokkien Loh Noodles

Back to my place after breakfast :)

So basically I'm gonna share my dorm room with another 3 people, which is kind of uncomfortable for me. I reckon I'll piss them off as I'm not organized. And I might not be having my own laptop since my course is fine art, not design, my Dad thinks a laptop is not necessary.  :(

Let's end this post with a photo...
No I did NOT put on make-up. It's been photoshopped! ;)

I'm a vagrant, I have nothing else to do, that's why I tweet a lot.
I'm bored. Ask me stuffs.

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