Everybody Wants to Win

I have yet to pick up my new glasses so I don't have any pictures of them on hand to share. Then I came up with this idea to share some interesting movies and contests instead. I'm also having a QOTD for you guys. Take a look! :)

Who's in the mood for a good laugh? If you feel like watching a romantic comedy, you should definitely try this movie from Thailand!

Three fun-loving married guys always sneak out to have affairs with hot girls. Eventhough sophisticated skills are used to avoid being caught by their wives, these guys get reckless and are unaware that their wives have teamed up to wreak some revenge.

HAHAHA! Doesn't that sound interesting? I think they do deserve a bitter lesson for THAT!

Okay, now who's watched or is interested in the spectacular Captain America: The First Avenger?

Do you know Baskin-Robbins has launched special new Captain America-themed menu items? These delicacies look extremely tempting! Trust me, or you may check them out here yourself! :D

Who doesn't like chewing gum, right?? Oh, don't worry about whether "chewing" here is a verb or a noun, cause you won't need a chewing gum or chew a chewing gum to win awesome prizes like iPod Shuffles!

All you need to do is be as FAST as you can to give the correct answers here.

If you love online games and you can play very well, then trot over to the 100 PLUS Infinity Challenge website. You just did? Good! You're now standing a chance to win 20,000 dollars worth of prizes! They are giving out a HUGE prize each week.

In order to win a weekly prize, simply beat the top score of the week. It should be pretty easy to online games experts, so good luck!

Take action and get ready to be announced as the winner(s)! :)

I've changed my comment form from an embedded form to a full page form. I'd like to know which comment forms are you using and which do you like best? :)

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