I learnt that the Sun was no fun

Good day people! I know I have been missing for a few days. As I stated on Twitter, my Dad confiscated the modem so I wasn't able to access the internet on my computer. I was pissed off about not having the internet. I don't know how I'm gonna get through college without a laptop.

So yeah, I'm back, checking on new YouTube vids and unread blog posts... Oh, and not forgetting giveaways, haha! Speaking of free stuffs, I've won TWO giveaways (Thanks to awesome hosts & sponsors of Dean & Bettie Vintage Giveaway and Jalousie Bijoux Giveaway)! Isn't that amazing? My prize for the Dean & Bettie Vintage giveaway is a $30 gift card to the Etsy shop and I'm having a hard time choosing which item to buy with it! Appreciate if you give some suggestions! x

Check this out, Time Travel (audio) by an acoustic pop band Never Shout Never. It's mint!

Click the play button and continue reading :)

Alright, I'm here to update you guys on some things that happened during the weekend. After breakfast on Saturday morning, I went to the optical shop to chose a new pair of glasses and I'm getting them tomorrow, hopefully they look well on me.

On Sunday, my family and I had our breakfast in Old Town White Coffee and then we visited a gradually-getting-famous temple which has A LOT of magnificent statues. It was quite a beautiful temple.

Now, let the photos do the talking. I'm putting some captions if needed. The images are of poor quality, they're taken with my Jumbo, please bear with me.

Cheers for no increase in eye power for almost 2 years! It's pretty unbelievable. 

These statues are imported from China, said a local businessman. 

Fyi, that's my dad in the red shirt.

The Twenty-Four Filial Exemplars 二十四孝

The sign reads "Monkey Garden" but there's no monkey at all. 

Please excuse my outfit. It's too hot to dress up nicely.

Crocodile!! LOL just kidding.

Jackie Chan on the wall of the men's toilet.

And I don't know who is this. Zhang Ziyi, maybe?

I want a hat like this! :(

Peanut & Dad 

The Eight Immortals playing chess

My Chinese zodiac. The Rooster.

Hanging incense coils

Some newspaper clippings about this temple which located in a small fishing village.

The end :)

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