It All Started When He Met A Woman

Wow, I haven't blogged for quite a few days. Nothing much happened so I had nothing to share with you guys. Oh yeah, thank you so much for all your love and concern on my previous post! The pain in my left knee has gone now, although I didn't do anything to heal it.

I've been meaning to watch The Tourist but I kept getting distracted by some others things. If you are following me on Twitter, you may have noticed that I've been tweeting a lot of giveaways. Yes, I'm participating in some giveaways, hahah, just wanna try some luck & I think it'd be awesome if I won something FREE. Some of the giveaway rules are troublesome though. If I ever host a giveaway, the only entry is to leave only one comment, easy breezy! ;)

So that day I made a "today's plan" and it went pretty well. I managed to carve out some time to see my Johnny Depp playing an ordinary (perhaps goofy) American tourist. Albeit a tad dull and unremarkable, he appears to be meek and submissive. Johnny Depp definitely portrayed the character of Frank while Angelina Jolie surely was very mighty and classy.

I read a lot of reviews after the movie and most of them are bad ones. They say it was boring and insipid but I beg to differ. I was entertained, it was a lot of fun! Johnny could be just reading a spy novel and he would still have me laughing. What I completely disagree with is that some audience were NOT pleased just because there's zero chemistry between the two leading roles in the film. Well, let me quote this justified phrase from this website (it's originally written in Chinese). 

This is the first time these two top Hollywood stunners have ever starred in a film together, they share a lot of similarities - both are of Indian origin, each had been living a bohemian life style, and then "tuned over a new leaf" after each has found their own ultimate partner. Therefore, we can no longer see them star in movies with passionate love scenes, they will agree to do kissing scenes only. 
Perhaps this is what's known as connotation of middle-aged, also fundamental to the movie. The Tourist is more like an European film, just as the ending of  the movie, unexpected, and leaves you with an endless aftertaste. The plot is very simple. Actually it's like an Italian fine wine, you will find it tastes good if you savor it slowly.

This is the most satisfying The Tourist review I've ever read, The Tourist is indeed a remake of an older European film, Anthony Zimmer. I love how understanding the reviewer was (unlike other critics), not EVERY movie should have sex scenes. The best thing of the review is, there are no spoilers included.

I'd totally recommend you to watch it if you haven't yet. Just sit back, relax and enjoy :)

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Happy Flyday and cheers for the weekends!

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