OMG Package! LOL

Hands up if you feel left out for not having a smartphone because you don't have that much money and wish to have one SO badly. Fret not! DiGi® has now launched an exclusive phone bundle called OMG Package just for you!

The smartphone looks like this. Cute isn't it? :)

The best part is that it is a prepaid phone plan which is affordable for most people, especially students. Now you can catch up on the latest news online with this new smartphone.

You will be able to save up to over RM220 if you sign up to this cool phone package. In addition, you can get FREE 300MB Mobile Internet for a year, only at RM299! This is a chance to buy a smartphone at a low price, so why not? :)

The promotion only lasts from 1 June to 11 August 2011, hurry up and head over to their website to get more information. Perhaps you would agree with me that this is a really reasonable smartphone package!

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