See You at the Finish Line

Yesterday, I figured out you can actually follow non-Blogger blogs on your Blogger dashboard. This feature may or may not be there a long time ago, but one thing is certain - it is available now. It's not too late to talk about it, right? So if there're any blogs out there that don't have a "follow" button or they're non-Blogger blogs which you'd like to keep up with, all you have to do is simply add their URLs to your reading list on the Blogger In Draft dashboard.

Have you ever wondered if there's a difference between following from the Navbar and following via Google Friend Connect (aka GFC)? Well, I was wondering the same thing, until I came across this article, and I'm clear now. I'm also placing a GFC widget on my blog in case you are interested to be a member of my site (in fact I'm curious to know who are my public followers).

I adore blogs with simple lovely layout, perfect colour, font and size of text and decent photographs. Someday I'm gonna make my own banner when I learn how. I dearly hope that day will come! What do you think about my current layout? Is the text font too small? Is the wallpaper hideous? Is my blog too slow to load? Just speak up your opinions, be honest so that I can make it better. I'd really appreciate some feedback. :)

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