I did a drawing today. I spent a lot of time trying to draw the mouth and finally I decided to let her lips look like this. She looks serious, haha. I'm sorry for the hair, I'm not good at drawing smooth hair.

This picture was taken by my Jumbo which is equipped with face detection but it won't work on this drawing. Damn you phone, does this not look like a face?!

On the other hand, I don't know how, but somehow I sprained my left knee. Fortunately it's not that serious. However, it hurts like hell when I bend my leg fully. I told my dad about it and guess what, he just sneered at me and walked away. Oh dear! I fear there will be severe consequences :(

Also, this morning he mentioned that I look pale, he thought I might have Anemia (I suspect he was just over-exaggerating it). My sis said that's because I haven't been going out of the house for months and thus makes my skin fair. Hmmm, what she said does make sense.

I'm always worried that I will have Osteoporosis though. Sometimes my bones (especially femur) make clicking sound. I can't be bothered to do exercises due to my surgery. Jumping and running around might hurt my back. Ughhh, I hate being in poor health! >(

My favourite band :) Have a listen!

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