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Look who's back!! Oh how I have missed my blog! How's summer everybody? Can you believe I have actually survived TWO weeks of college?! It's been tiring but I must admit learning is fun! Meeting new friends is interesting as well but it disappointed me when I figured out there are still so many selfish and arrogant people in the world.

I haven't blogged since my last blog post as I don't have my own laptop. My Dad may or may not buy me one since I have yet to start my Dipoma in Fine Art which means I'm still in Certificate in Art & Design and we have some extra subjects, for instant, English and Moral which require us students to search for some info on the internet for group works and I'm embarrassed that I can barely help.

Last weekend, both my friends Yumi and Jack (we are classmates and also hostel mates) decided to go back to their hometown and seeing that I didn't know and didn't dare to take a bus home, I had my meals alone for two days and almost got knocked down by vehicles while trying to cross the road (Random Q: Why did Sydney cross the road? A: To get food).

In order to avoid finding food myself, I thought I'd just go to my Gramma's instead of my home in Sitiawan which takes less time and doesn't need a long bus ride as my Aunt will come and pick me up once I reach the ferry jetty. And that's why I'm here in sat in front of my Aunt's notebook trying to make a quick post or I may be soon forgotten.

Well, I don't think I have anything else to say... I apologise for not being able to update my blog frequently like I used to so if you'd like to know what's happening to me, the easiest way is to follow me on Twitter.

Have a beautiful weekend! x

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