My brain cells are ready to tackle new challenges.

Hello my fellow bloggers! How's life?
I'm STILL rather ecstatic that my Dad finally bought me a new laptop. I'm truly grateful for that.

My laptop is a DELL INSPIRON N4110i5 in black. I've decided that it is a boy. I'm getting him a decent name before long. Well I have not come up with any tho. I'd like to receive some suggestions from you guys. What do you think?

I got annoyed yesterday when I tried to transfer images taken by Jumbo (the name of my phone, in case you weren't my old follower) to my laptop so that I could update my blog but the file just won't show up. Eventually I discovered it via "search", only to find it was a total mess - the images won't sort properly by date taken. I swear no one would know what's wrong with Jumbo :(

So I'm now sat in front of my new baby in a cafe which offers free wi-fi with my friend. We're supposed to be doing research for our mask/headpiece design assignment (which has killed a lot of my brain cells); on the contrary, I'm blogging here whereas my friend is hanging around on Fb.... :P

Ummm, I think best I go do what I should do... 
Until next time!

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