I've got a lot of assignments recently, and I mean A LOT. Colour Studies is tough and it's torturing me!!

Some of the classmates and I had a sleepover at Penny's apartment last night because we intended to do our homework together. We knew we couldn't finish these shit loads of works in just one day so we came up with this decision to stay overnight. It's the second day of sleepover and we're still working on our pretty-much-completed assignments (We do assignments individually but we'd help if anyone has any questions).

Working together kind of helps, at least our works have gone from nothing to something. Sleepover is fun yet tiring - to be honest, we didn't even sleep, we had only 1 hour of sleep in average last night.

Sadly, Penny has fallen ill, hope she'll get well soon and hey, please take good care of yourselves my dear friends, wherever you are in the world! x

Hopefully I'll get a laptop of my own and will be able to update my blog at least once a week.

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