Close your eyes and you might believe that there is some way out

Now that we're having a two-week break which is a pretty good news because break means no homework but sadly I have not passed up (not even completed) my photography assignment due to having no camera. Well, not only me but some of my classmates have not handed in theirs either.

Basically I'm going to the Penang Botanic Gardens to take some nature photos tomorrow morning and after printing and submitting them I'll be heading to my Gramma's to spend the rest of my holiday because I don't have enough reasons to convince myself to go back to my hometown.

This break is only 16 days long and today is already the second day and I did nothing because I'm alone here in my hostel and I will also be alone in my Gramma's so I don't even know how should I deal with the coming days... Anyway, what's worth mentioning is that after having breads for breakfast and lunch today, I decided to get off my damn chair and go across the street to have dinner and I am so proud of myself because I did it!

By the way, college days have been exhausting and the last day was ridiculously busy because I've been procrastinating (I never change...) as if I had unlimited time and trust me, I was so so wrong. I regret a lot of shit, especially going out to have fun when my homework is not done which I'll never ever do again because it's not what a good girl should do plus I really don't want to see myself crying over bad grades.

Speaking about result, I think I should take some books about drawing (and English novels) and also my sketchbook along with me. Fyi I got "good" in both drawing and printmaking classes and I want to be better so doing sketches during holiday is a total must!

So yeah, I'll be back real soon cause it's holiday baby! Now keep calm and listen to James Morrison. I fucking cried to this.

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