Playing badminton barefooted

Today we were asked to write and submit an idea proposal on which theme would you choose for your photography series (I'm not sure what it's called. Basically it's a collection of images under the same theme) assignment. 

Our photography lecturer did show us some work by our seniors and some of them were really stunning but still couldn't get a distinction from lecturer. The themes picked were leaves, fruits, buildings, campus, pets, butterflies, dragonflies and stuff so I don't feel like choosing these related themes. 

I was considering taking a series of curtain or staircase photos but Penang is so small (plus I have no transportation) that I'm afraid I can't find beautiful staircases. Maybe I was worrying too much but it could really happen. I'd like to try portraits of foreigners (I mean tourists) as well but I am not confident if I can handle portraits.

Have you ever done/come across "photography series"? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated! x

Playing badminton after class. I swear they are slightly addicted to this game after playing it for hours. Some of us were not in sportswear and some were even barefooted but we totally had a blast. It's going to be a sporty week - they're planning to go the water park on Saturday and we are going hiking (or probably just walking) on Sunday. I love this! 

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