The feeling when you finally get what you've been wanting

Holidays are never long enough. Today I went back to college and it wasn't anything special so we're not talking about college today. I swear English class was tedious, as always. Why do boring lecturers even exist?

If you're following my Twitter, you might have seen me posting a picture of a DSLR.

Guess what, it's mine! I officially own a Nikon D5100! HELL YEAH

Dad was gonna buy me one by paying with his credit card (as he wanted to earn some points) but most of the shops are closed on Sundays (the day he sent me back to hostel was Sunday) so he gave me cash (thank you Daddy, I love you) and today after class I immediately got my friend (thank you, XueLing) to bring me to the camera shop where he bought his D90. Heck, you can't imagine how worried I was to keep these huge amounts of cash!

I've been feeling like a lil girl getting a lollipop (not in my case, I don't have a sweet tooth) all day! Hopefully I'll come up with some decent photos after playing with it for some time. If I do, I'll surely share them in my following posts.

Until next time!

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