How did my life end up like this?!

It upsets me how I can't even spare some time to edit photos and blog. Miserable me is miserable.

In this case, I'm grateful for smartphones. Photography applications are the most downloaded type of apps I have on my HTC Desire HD, Jumbo - yes I have zero games on my phone, no don't look at me like that, it's not THAT weird. Anyway, I LOVE photography apps, they help simplify the creative process and save up my time.

I'm bummed there is no Instagram for Android, but thank goodness for Molome. It is pretty similar to Instagram except that you may have more filters and effects to choose on Instagram but honestly people on Molome are friendly and I bet you'll like that so go get yourself signed up!

Here are some recent Molome photos taken by me (@sydz). Fyi I use picplz and Little Photo to edit pictures too.

My next post possibly and most likely will be about my artworks, so subscribe and stay tuned!

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