Summer maxi dress - it's always summer here

It's crazy how in the blink of an eye we're in November. Yesterday we went to a park to do some outdoor portrait photoshoot for photography class. All of us dressed up nicely and played models for a day. At the same time we had our cameras on us and became cameramen. Total fun!

A lot of girls got compliments for looking pretty (that's what they said) including me and to be frank I was feeling a little more confident than usual because of that. Well, who doesn't like compliments (especially compliments from the same sex!) after all? Say something nice (say it only when you really mean it) and you could make someone's day.

Some of the photos of my classmates taken by me (edited in Photoshop). I swear the boys in my class are so funny - they all wore plaid shirts on that day!

You know I suck at taking full body portraits when you don't see any... Now please do give me feedback on these photos! x

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