Where have I been?

No worries, I'm still alive after being mentally tortured by assignments over the past couple of weeks. Thank goodness it's all over - it's HOLIDAY TIME!

Yesterday was the last day of the first semester in college, and my 18th birthday, I knew it wasn't gonna be good but it was slightly worse than I thought it would be.

Anyway, thanks for sticking around. And here are some of the work I did for college.

graphite drawing

technical pen illustration

lino print

colour pencil drawing

graphite drawing

architecture photograph

poster colour painting

white colour pencil drawing

(Half of )Leith Street campus drawing by my class 118B
(Spot my drawing! :) )

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High school graduates, time to get serious about uni
Look who's rockin' the stage!
I might be working for Blackberry, check this out.
Raise your hand up if you want to go overseas?

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