Getting emotional at the end of a holiday

Christmas hasn't always been a big deal for me. Though I spent this past Christmas with some new people (who were friends to my housemate). It was quite a lovely time - we rushed to the nearest Tesco to buy beers (turned out they brought home some fake champagne whereas I bought a brown belt that I had my eyes on) before it had to close, laughed at each other in the car, played a few silly poker games in the flat, etc. And I have made a conclusion: we need snow on Christmas. 

If you're my Twitter follower, you'd probably know that I'm going back to college tomorrow. Just tomorrow I will have to embark on another journey - a longer one, a tougher one. That being said, I will have to work harder than ever before. (God, it's not like I've worked hard last semester...) I know this is a bit bizarre to say, but I'm even considering quitting my job temporarily... And yet when I think about my money issues I'm reluctant to do that. You know, there are times in life where you don't get to figure out which is the best way to satisfy yourself.

Never mind... Maybe I'll make up my mind after a day or two.

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