Keep in mind that you're not the only one hurting

On NYE we had a barbecue + birthday party over at one of the classmates' condo. No fireworks, no games. So I was basically spending the night figuring out how my camera works in low light. And I still have no idea how. 

They dropped me off and went for a drink after party. Now tell me why does everything seem to be related to cigars and drinks in college? I mean, they're not even close to making you cool. I may not know the real reason you drink or smoke but I just can't find a perfect excuse for killing yourself indirectly (you know smoking and drinking damage your body don't you). 

I do not want to write much. Generally my new year wish is that people around me (not forgetting you too, if you smoke) would quit smoking. Let's make 2012 a safe and healthy year :)

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