I get sadder every time I see the word "Instagram"

Some recent snapshots of life. Can they come up with Instagram for Android already?! 

The interior of a little cafe. Tried some bacons for the first time and decided I'm not a fan.

Went for a shoe hunt and spotted this. Shame it didn't fit my foot (it was of my size).

red socks + beige brogues

One of the housemates made us Chrysanthemum tea while we're working on assignments.

5/6 of the class wore black intentionally. The next day we wore white.

Penang street style XD

Yummy sandwiches prepared by drawing lecturer. How sweet of him! 

Nude drawing in progress. I hope I can finish it in time!

Waiting on the bus to take us back our flat after college on Friday.

Took a photo of a random back alley in Penang when I was on the bus.

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