Why are you doing this to me you weirdo?

I've been sweating a lot today due to the weather and the badminton game this morning (and my stuffy room!). 

I was ordered to take some photographs during the game today for club promotion use. Yes - a club - after several times of badminton activity, they eventually decided to set up a badminton club and have this sport played at YMCA Penang every Thursday morning. It helps keeping us fit while a strong bond between classmates/college mates is slowly being cultivated. Best activity ever don't you think?

On another note, assignments have been driving me crazy lately. We have three pieces of work due tomorrow and will have to start on a new one. I can't wait till Friday is over. Sherlock Holmes, new garments, internet inspirations, here I come!

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Avril Lavigne LIVE in Malaysia

Creative Valentine's meme

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