It's only the first week

As I write this I'm sat twitching in annoyance. It's been a fun yet exhausting week. We're learning Adobe Illustrator and Photostop, water colour painting and illustration this semester. They are challenging for me - definitely going through some tough times!

Chilly Saturday makes me sleepy but I've got a pile of work to do. Here's a quick recap of the week (outfit photos taken by SinThen) and if you'd like you can follow me on Twitter 'cause I tweet whenever I can!

Bohemian-inspired fashion artwork designed by my senior YKee,
featured on college 25th anniversary brochure
(left: me, right: senior Yii Ting)

OOTD 260312

OOTD 270312

OOTD 280312

my attempt at fashion illustration,
turns out lecturer wanted us to draw anime-like illustration

OOTD 290312

OOTD 300312

wip: poster colour painting

I'm off for some Adobe tutorials. I'll catch you on the flip side. In the meantime, don't forget to be a part of Earth Hour 2012!

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