"I'm both happy and sad and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be"

I'm back in college yay! New lecturers are very good and everything is great so far. School days are better than holidays, I have to say, or at least being back in Penang is better.

It seems everyone is starting to stress themselves out when it's only the second Monday, which is not a good thing, I think. In fact the pressure is also beginning to get me.

On Wednesday we went to see Les Miserable and I bawled my eyes out through the entire movie. I have never cried this hard at a movie. So you can tell it was really miserable. Then, we went to the bookstore with red puffy eyes. I finally bought my copy of The Perks of Being a Wallflower and am currently at page 70. I know people must think I'm dumb but I really did mistake Charlie for a girl at the beginning. 

Ok I have to go now. I have to finish reading it as soon as possible because Penny wants to borrow it and when she's done we might watch the movie together. This story makes me excited.


  1. what a great post!!

    xx Mounia

  2. Love the miserables, such a cool and fun photos. x

  3. Stress makes you look older and makes life less fun: don't let it get to you, girl! Stay cute and keep reading good books ;)


  4. like the look in the first photo!! :)

    hope you will enjoy my blog: