Shopping For Accessories

We had a day off school on Thursday so I decided to go to the mall with two of my girl friends. I usually shop alone but they turned out to be lovely I hope they didn't think I'm a bad shopping companion instead.

I did quite a lot of purchases but I got pretty much everything at under MYR50 so everything was a good bargain really. I'm particularly happy with the gold chain if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you'd know. I found this baby in Cotton On. That's when I was about to give up searching and make one out of a belt with chain myself (that will totally work too!).

Well, two more weeks till Chinese New Year break. Who's excited? I'm excited! I can't wait to get my new clothes out especially my dungarees!


  1. Very in nice. Really into gold

  2. loving that gold chain necklace!!

  3. Always enjoying your posts,honey!Keep rocking!;)