Day 2 In Medan: Anai Velangkanni Church & Pagado Taman Alam Limbini

We spent our second day making our way to Lake Toba. And we didn't reach until the next day.

First we visited Graha Maria Annai Velangkanni Church (more like a Catholic temple) which located at the outskirt of Medan city. The Indian priest who built the church was a faithful man. He told us how he lost everything in a fire except the donation for the church. He said people of all religions come to this church to pray. He also explained its Indo-Mogul architecture. It's a very interesting place.

After lunch, we stopped by Pagoda Taman Alam Lumbini which is a replica of The Shwedagon Pagoda. It's very clean and solemn with a cool breeze up there (the sun's hot too). One thing I love is how they were playing Buddhist music through the speakers around the pagoda area. Apparently there's also this miniature Lumbini Garden (Buddha's birthplace) next to the pagoda which is why the name.

At about 4pm we reached the Berastagi town. Berastagi is a lot like Cameron Highland - fresh air, a variety of vegetables and fruits - except we don't see a lot of horses in Cameron. And by a lot I mean A LOT, I know this is nasty but large piles of horse poo were all over the road near the market (watch out) because it's where you get on the horses/coaches. Before pigging out on the delicious steamed corns we decided to go on a coach ride around the town and it's really lovely.

We saw rainbow when we got to our hotel in the evening and it was so beautiful.

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p.s: I'd like to thank my sis for lending me her 18-200mm lens it's amazing


  1. looks great!! :) beautiful pictures.

  2. Such a beautiful views ! :) P.S. Love your shorts (or jeans ;D) in the las photo :)
    Evia xxx

  3. I can't stop thinking how amazing you are

  4. hi there, i live not far from lumbini, i mean in Berastagi
    I'm glad you love our city and i'm sorry about the horse's poo
    nice to meet you ^_^