One Last Assignment Left!

In just a few days assessment week will be over which means we will be having another 2-week break from college. It's been so hectic. We have been having sleepovers at a friend's and by sleepovers I mean marathon sleeping sessions, literally, if you know what I mean.

I'm so relieved there's only one last assignment left to be submitted. I can't wait to be free from all the assignments and do things that I can't do now like cut my hair even shorter and read To Kill a Mockingbird my lil sis got me and maybe get ready to get behind the wheel.

Before I go, here's a close-up of my final mixed media artwork and a few pages picked from portfolio I made in (Photoshop is kinda fun but printing is so much work omg). Tell me what you think below or here?


  1. Beautiful work!
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