Mentally Draining From All The Assignments

When it's so obvious that everyone is becoming competitive and the piles of assignments that seem to ever grow I don't know how are you still not stressed. It's the shittest feeling I've ever had since college. Anyway I'm just gonna make the best out of this semester (i'm trying!) because well you just have to deal with it, the pressure I mean.

Here's an illustration (more like a painting) of sky ferreira I did in Photoshop (using a tablet, god it drives me nuts!) which took me about 4 days in total (2 days without sleeping). People have been telling me that it's very good and that I look like her and I'm remarkably happy about the later opinion.

I used tracing method (eyedropper tool to pick colours from the original image) in this piece and I don't know if it's cheating? This is our first digital illustration class so we're starting out just tracing and colour picking (our lecturer advised us to do so). In the next exercises we're going to learn to design our own characters and choose our own colours and it's gonna be so much harder and I'm just so fucked because I still haven't reached the skill level where you can create something on your own. May all the gods of digital art bless me.

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