Day 3 In Medan: Lake Toba

I really loved our hotel in Berastagi as it was more like a valley and it made me feel like home and the weather there just made everything better. After checking out, we continued making our way to Lake Toba. 

Standing at the top of the hill, Lake Toba looked calm and quaint. There was a waterfall too, but not as beautiful as the lake. I remember our tour guide telling us the local tale about Lake Toba and it was so funny because of his accent. I really should have recorded the whole story! 

Before going into town for lunch, we stopped by Istana Raja Batak Simalungun where lies a number of houses of Batak Simalungun kings and family. The kings are said to be allowed to have up to 12 wives! Each of them owned a space for sleeping and cooking. I guess it wasn't any good to be a wife of the king then. 

In the afternoon, we took a small cruise to Samosir Island to take a look at the Batak house architecture. The most significant signs carved on their wall are lizards/geckos and four female breasts which symbolise fertility. A tour guide from another travel agency kidded about the actual meaning of the four breasts being two are for the children whereas the other two are for the husband. (*cough*) Nasty but everyone couldn't help laughing. 

It was gloomy and windy when we're about to head back but we climbed on top of the cruise anyway and we're glad we did because we saw a rainbow (two rainbows in two days back-to-back!) just peeking over a little mountain, floating above the water. It was so near to us. So magical!

volcano (sibayak or sinabung??)