CNY Kek Lok Si Lights 2013

I went to the beautiful Kek Lok Si temple one night in February with a friend of mine to shoot some photos of CNY lights display. We were to set up our equipments with the rest of our friends from photography club on the hill across the Kek Lok Si temple hill but we turned up late and it was too dark to go into the woods alone so we just went up the Kek Lok Si hill instead. 

It felt wonderful but awful at the same time to be surrounded by those fine lights in Kek Lok Si temple. Every step I made that night was tearing up my heart for I wish I had a lover by my side to spend the time together — sadly I didn't and still don't have one. I reckon seeing cute babies with their happy parents in there made up for that though.

So we walked around the place and decided to go up in the pagoda. It was actually worth walking up the steep stairs in the dark to go to the top where we could see both the city lights and the lightnings. We managed to take some photos before it started drizzling and we had to pack to go home. It was a pretty amazing night I'd say.

Yeah, that's the story. I hadn't had time to edit the photos until recently so here you go.


  1. wahhh the lights and everything about the temple is so pretty!! We dont have these sorta celebrations in my city its quite boring gah and we have a lookout similar to the hill that overlooks the city but its not as pretty as your pics =O

  2. I always feel like that when there is an event like this... with either lights or fireworks etc. But the pictures are pretty, and as long as you had fun it was good right!?

  3. really love this pohots! the lights are breathtaking :)

  4. The photos look really nice!
    It's been 2 years since I been the temple :/

  5. Haha babies fix everything! ( when they're not your own)
    The photos are lovely, you have a great eye for photography x

  6. Fantastic photo's.