George Town Festival Heritage Day 2013

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I don't particularly like to take photos that are of too many colours and yet I always tend to go to vibrant/crowded events. At where I live, they have plenty of programs/events going on throughout this month-long George Town Festival every year.

On the last day of the celebration (7 July), which was declared as George Town World Heritage Day 5 years ago, people gather on the streets and indulge themselves in the town's rich heritage.

Just like previous years, Meng Eng Soo Temple Open Day was presented by the "Penang Chinese Clan Council" at Rope Walk. Volunteers were dressed in traditional costumes to bring back memories from yesteryear nostalgia. Other than demonstrations of ancestor worship, the event also featured cultural dances, performances, traditional arts and crafts, and of course, local cuisine.

At the same time, several showcases of other communities were also being held within the heritage zone.

It's always great to be a part of the event. Although the crowd wasn't that congenial/amiable. When will Penangites/Malaysians learn to give applause? It's a pretty general thing to do isn't it - after a show or something, put your hands together for the performers! Let them know you appreciate their performance and they will appreciate you for that.

So if you have not been to Penang I highly recommend you to visit when George Town Festival is happening (7 June to 7 July) because you get to understand Malaysia better and easier with all these cultural programs going on around you.
*Do not underestimate Malaysia's weather! The Sun can be a bitch so wear tons of sunblock!

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  1. Looks like a very culturally fun event. Beautiful images!! :)