Carousell The Thrift Shopping App

I discovered this online secondhand (not really but that's what it is to me) marketplace founded by National University of Singapore (NUS) students by accident on Facebook not long ago. As a fan of cheap used clothing, this app has got me addicted ever since.

I would check it every 5 mins to see if anyone's updated their listings and I'd be like "I'm, I'm, I'm hunting, looking for a come up, this is fucking awesome". Of course it feels awesome when you finally find that something you've been looking for at a reasonable price (especially if it's vintage!).

Poslaju fee is a pain in the ass though. If you do not agree with shipping fee charge, you might want to sort your search items by "nearest" in your settings so you can deal via cash on delivery. This also applies to sellers who don't want to risk sending a valuable parcel in case it goes astray in the post.

What makes Carousell stand out among all the other local shopping apps is its intuitive interface. People have been giving compliments about how easy it is to use. While its private chat feature helps to reach out to your buyer/seller in a quicker and more personal way, it lacks a photo attachment feature which would be very handy. Hey Carousell if you're ever reading this, I'm still waiting for you to improve that!

I've got some bargains off it and I'm so glad they made the app available in Malaysia too!

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