Day 1 At Colmar Tropicale

Last March I visited Colmar Tropicale which is a French-themed resort located at Bukit Tinggi (Berjaya Hills), Pahang with my family for a short vacation. You have to pay entrance fees but luckily we had two room tickets in hands at the time and they were refundable for in-house guests (yay!).

I had been hearing about the French village and wanting to go and have a look at the scenery for myself and it was so lucky of my dad to win the tickets in a lucky draw (actually he won one and then bought another from his friend) so we could have the chance to make a visit and stay for one night.

We departed in the morning and reached there at 4pm. After checking in, the worker showed us our rooms and when I stepped in mine I thought - my it's so clean and neat and beautiful! They were such delicate and romantic little rooms!

Before the sun went down we took a walk around the place. It was no big place but there were a lot of interesting things like a fountain with dead cicadas in front of the 'castle', painted horse sculptures, a variety of flowers and a tower that allowed you to over look the main street and the golf course at the other side. We saw a swimming pool too I supposed that was only for another resort's guests. 

Off all the restaurants in the square and we picked one named "Le Poulet Roti" to dine in as it was the nearest to the stage in the square and there was a Russian dance show going on. After dinner we climbed the tower again to enjoy the night lights and then went to bed.

That's about it for the first part of our visit in Colmar Tropicale resort. I'll update the second part as soon as possible so stay tuned!

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