Art Is Lapzap Party

I suppose everyone who went to the underground party at Ernest's exhibition last month would think it was pretty fun. It was my first time ever going to a party like that and I'd like to thank charlie bc if it wasn't for her reminder I would have missed the event invitation on Fb. 

There were games to play and you could get either a glowing bracelet or a lighter no matter you won or not. The photoshoot thing was particularly cool cause it's like after a few minutes the photographer took a pic of you (and your friends) they would give each individual in the photo a key-shaped pendrive with the photo taken in it. Everything's free idk if I'm overreacting bc it's my first time but it's just awesome.

What's more awesome was that some of the guests there dressed like no one's looking and we definitely need more people like them, no? And of course, ernest's art on panels/shields/walls etc was very interesting too.

We danced like crazy and went home when the party nearly ended. It was really quite an experience and I thought it was a good start to 2k14!

*I had zero makeup so i decided to photoshop both these pics bc well :-)

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