Studio Photo Shoots

We did portrait and product studio photo shoots last term and it was fun! I'm glad the lighting turned out to be what I wanted (you kno~ the edgy/minimalist feel) and I'm grateful for all the help I was offered. Here are my work and of course I did some editing in photoshop as well to enhance the overall contrast of the final images. 

So um I wanna thank vimin for suggesting kokpin as my model and also thank kokpin for taking his time out for the shooting if not for them i wouldn't know what to do cause i wasn't well-prepared :-(

For the resin sculpture i used for my product/still life shooting, it's my 'baby' i made in modelling class. How to make a resin sculpture? First you make a plasticine model, then you make a mold with cement and then you pour resin in it and wait for it to dry, finally you break the mold ta-da! I literally forgot to make a tear drop on his face so i borrowed a fake diamond from penny and the result was actually quite good. 

I'm very sad though cause the quality of these photo prints were so terrible and so different from what you see on computer screen but i don't care now that everything's submitted i'll print out more when necessary.


  1. Thank you for sharing these. The area looks spectacular. I love how there is so much green among all the architecture--especially the plants in the wall! The light show sounds absolutely fantastic, and would definitely make for some fabulous photographs. I don't think I've ever witnessed anything similar before.

  2. Hey Sydney, thanks for visiting my blog!
    I actually like the crystal for the teardrop. Good job improvising!