How Was Your Chinese New Year?

First five days of Chinese New Year went by, most people are already back at work, yet it feels as if there hadn't been any celebration at all. To me, the only festive moment this year was when the clock struck 12am on the first day (初一 chū yī) of Chinese New Year and the fireworks started going off in the neighbourhood. How was your Chinese New Year?

My CNY this year was not so much about making CNY visits like we used to do when we were kids, bur rather, staying at home or running errands. Nonetheless, we managed to attended dad's secondary school reunion dinner and visited two of his friends (at least these gatherings got us into the CNY spirit). Does Chinese New Year get less and less interesting each year or is it just me? I didn't even bother receiving angpaos (red packets) anymore even though dreaming about easy money has always been my part-time hobby. 

On the 5th day (初五 chū wŭ) of CNY, which was on Monday, dad drove us to Penang Island so they could drop me off for my job interview. I found out they were hiring a gallery assistant for this exhibition "Show Off" going on at Gurney Paragon mall 2nd floor so I thought I would give it a try while waiting for uni offer. 

After the brief interview my family and I went shopping at Gurney Plaza, which is just a few minutes walk away from Gurney Paragon. A random walk in the bookstore and I picked up 12 Years A Slave the non-motion picture cover version I have been looking for and 1984 by George Orwell which is said to be timeless. It's a brand new year so I decided to set myself a beginner-level reading challenge which is to beat my own reading record from previous year. The fact that I finished only 3 and a half books last year shouldn't make it too hard to read more this year. I can't wait already.



  1. Sounds like you had a lovely Chinese New Year and I like how motivated you are about reading! Good luck beating your personal best!

    Rae | love from berlin

  2. happy new year! those envelopes are so beautiful :)